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A quiet title claim is a type of lawsuit  filed in Court.  The Court  determines  the rights to ownership of an interest in real property, and the nature or characteristics of that right of ownership  as of a certain date in time.     The claim may be filed to determine the fee simple ownership in real property, or the claim may be filed to determine the priority of an ownership interest of a lender's deed of trust  in real property.     The quiet title claim or cause of action is generally filed with other causes of action concerning the same set of facts. 

Examples of related claims are declaratory relief, adverse possession,  equitable subrogation,  reformation, or fraud.  The quiet title court case is decided by judge that has jurisdiction over the subject matter of the case and the parties.  Usually the appropriate court is the County Superior Court where the property is located.   The remedy for quiet title is declaratory in nature- the Court has the power to declare who has the superior  title,  who is to be excluded from the title,  when that title was perfected, the nature of the interest,  and to confirm the legal description and address of the subject  property.  

general overview- what is a quiet title claim  AND WHAT LAWS APPLY  ? 

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